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Lending Robot Diamond Fund — investments secured by diamonds and exclusive jewelry**

Diamond Fund

return up to 10%* per year

*10% is LRD target income.
Income for 08.2021 - 08.2022 = 8.43%.
You may earn more, less, or lose money using these strategies.
** Loans are issued against the security of jewelry or its components.

Available only for non-US citizens


Lending Robot Diamond Fund— investments secured by diamonds and exclusive jewelry.

The Foundation was opened in December 2018. Its strategy is to provide short-term working capital to companies in the middle segment of the jewelry sector. These are cutters, polishers and wholesalers of cut diamonds — intermediaries between diamond miners and retailers, about 15,000 companies.

LRD Historical return vs Major Fix Income funds

chart of LRD historical return

Non - US Citizens

Series LRD (the "Fund") will generally invest in Limited Partnership Interests in the DelGatto Diamond Finance Fund or funds with a similar lending portfolio and risk/reward ratio
Gems are stored in third party secure location
Hurdle Rate* 7%; Target Rate 10%
yearly income. calculated monthly
Terms are for less then 1 year and often only 6 months
Income rate
Monthly with 90 days' notice
Targeting GIA certified polished diamonds , which historically have had limited price volatility
*Hurdle Rate - yearly income not subject to success fees
US Citizens
Coming soon.
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